Review: The House of New Beginnings

The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond Macmillan 2017 Large paperback 471 pages Fiction

In a large, elegant yet imposing Victorian house in the seaside town of Brighton, England, several women live in hiding: hiding from the pain of the past, from people, from life, from the truth of their lives. Recent arrivals, […]

Mini-Reviews: Australian Women Writers

Each of these books deserves a proper, full review, but since they cover a long time period – the first one I read back in March – my memory of each is just not strong or clear enough to do so. So, apologies all ’round. I’m grouping them together for reviewing purposes based on the […]

Review: How to Bake a Man

How to Bake a Man by Jessica Barksdale Inclán Ghostwoods Books 2014 ARC (paperback) 222 pages Fiction; Chick-lit; Romance

If you’re looking for a fun and sometimes surprising chick-lit romance full of food references (and recipes), you might want to pick up a copy of How to Bake a Man. While there are some […]

Review: Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell by Fiona McCallum The Button Jar #2 Mira 2014 Large Format Paperback 395 pages Fiction; Chick-lit

Emily Oliphant is finally on a fulfilling path. She’s left her abusive husband, John; she’s living in a lovely old house and just been given an amazing offer to buy it from the owners, two […]

Review & Giveaway: Shelf Life

Shelf Life by Christina George The Publicist #2 Christina George 2013 Galley (print) 274 pages Romance; Chick-lit

Shelf Life continues the story of New York publicist, Kate Mitchell, picking up not long after the end of book one. More unhinged authors, more terrible titles, and more time with the sexiest editor in the country, […]

Review: The Publicist

The Publicist by Christina George The Publicist #1 Christina George 2012 ARC (galley) 226 pages Chick-lit; Romance

Kate Mitchell has worked as a publicist at Morris & Dean Publishing (MD) in New York City for seven years now; she’s nowhere near the bottom rung of the ladder in her department, but she’s not getting […]

Review: I've Got Your Number

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella Black Swan 2012 Trade Paperback 459 pages Fiction; Romantic Comedy

Poppy Wyatt, a physiotherapist who works at a private clinic with her two best friends, Ruby and Annalise, is just ten days from being married to handsome university professor, Magnus Tavish. His parents, Antony Tavish and Wanda […]

Review: Sugar Spun Sister

Sugar Spun Sister by Anna Garner Sweet Dreams #1 Anna Garner 2013 264 pages Fiction; Chick-Lit

Cricket Whittier works for a short little gargoyle of a man called Oscar, who runs his own ad agency in San Francisco. She got the job after the agency she worked for went under and her wealthy and […]