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I felt it was time for a new badge for this meme, only I fear it might look a bit Christmassy. Didn’t think of it last night when I was making it, it just occurs to me now. But maybe that’s just because Christmas is still fresh in my mind… Hm. Maybe I should have made it blue and white instead of green…

I had yet another one of those busy but unproductive-feeling weeks, and like always, when I lack the structure of a job (yes, still unemployed, and now I have my two-year-old at home too for longer than anticipated), I always feel guilty at doing anything other than worry. Anyone else have this trouble? It’s one of those Catch-22’s: when you’re working, you wish you had more free time to enjoy life and the things you enjoy (like reading), but when you find yourself with time, you feel too wretched and guilty to take advantage of it. It’s that problem of a lack of security in my life, right now, and not knowing what’s going to happen. Makes me too anxious to relax properly. And you know where so much of my time is wasted? On the bloody internet. And not because I’m glued to it or anything; no, it’s because our connection is so bloody awful that it takes an hour to do the simplest thing. I can’t WAIT for the broadband to be connected on Thursday!

Moving on. It being the end of the month and the end of the year, last week was full of round-up, wrap-up posts:


Book Excerpt from Jade Kerrion’s new release, Eternal Night

Around the World in 12 Books Challenge – 2013 Round-up

2013: The Year in Review

My Top Ten … Books Read in 2013



Sugar Spun Sister by Anna Garner
Rapunzel by Paul O Zelinsky

sugar spun sister Rapunzel



Varamo by Cesar Aira




Drake Equation

The Drake Equation
by Heather Walsh

I’ve nearly finished this, and am really enjoying it. It’s a star-crossed love story between a liberal democrat, Emily, who works for a non-profit organisation targeting climate change and pollution – significantly, the emissions produced by SUVs – and Republican-voting conservative, Robert Drake, a PR guy for Bell Motors, who make said polluting SUVs. It’s entertaining and resonates because it has depth and intelligence, and I like the way Walsh has written it, too.

Click on the cover image for the Goodreads page.


I’ve got a couple of books to read this month for TLC Book Tours:

house on the cliff Playing St. Barbara

And I still have to compile – or finish tweaking – my own reading list for the Around the World Challenge.

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