One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress #2

Avon 2008
374 pages
Paranormal Romance; Urban Fantasy

Four years after Cat faked Bones’ death and joined the special forces unit that tracks down naughty vampires and kills them, Cat is on top of her game, lethal and with a reputation among the undead community, but she’s not happy. She hasn’t managed to forget Bones at all, and when she’s sent to kill his sire, Ian, she finds she can’t do it. Events escalate into a rescue mission and a showdown, and Cat learns the truth about her boss, Don, and her vampire father.

Even better than the first book, though at first I was a bit worried. Cat seemed so angry and vengeful and I was feeling real sorry for the vampires she was offing. Her anger tones down though when Bones turns up, and then it really sizzles! Gotta love Bones, he’s a perfectly balanced romantic hero, with just the right mix of authority, tenderness, power etc., has real feelings and knows when to compromise. I would like to know better exactly why he loves Cat so much, and what Cat feels for him beyond physical attraction. Oh I know she loves him too, but why? Well, even though I thought their relationship progressed quite naturally (especially for a paranormal romance) in the first book, some things needed to be revisited a little.

The pacing is excellent, and there’s enough time spent on the characters themselves to keep me satisfied. Exciting and thrilling, I read this in about six hours and I’m very keen on the next book.

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