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I don’t often get a chance to do much with my blog these days, but I hope you all know that I haven’t ditched it, that I love reading your comments and I read your blogs whenever I get a free moment (I just don’t usually have an extra moment – or hand – to leave a comment in turn!).

This week’s Book Blogger Hop – hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books – gives us this question:

“As a book blogger, how do you introduce yourself in your profile?”

Not a question I was expecting! Hmm. My profile is on the About page here on my blog, and I approached it like I was telling a bit of a story – a mini-autobiography, sort of. It actually gives a general overview of my book reading tastes, my blogging history and, well, my life. I haven’t updated it since Hugh was born, but I believe everything else is still valid.

I actually went back to my profile not long ago, thinking that it was too much irrelevant information and did I want all that up there for strangers to read? But when I skimmed through it the same level of comfort descended and aside from editing a sentence or two, I left it alone. Because I thought, I’m proud of myself for all I’ve achieved, and where I’m at – I’m happy with it all – so why shouldn’t I share it?

I didn’t write my profile for publishers, for publicity/marketing purposes, though – I wrote it for all my fellow book blogger dags 😉 . I added in a bit about not really accepting review copies – I do occasionally, but the number of unread books on my shelves has just gone over a thousand so I’m really in no position to read review copies (plus, I’m such a mood reader, it can be a while before I’m in the right mood for a particular book). Generally, though, I sought to give some background info, because I love learning little bits about people and finding things you have in common. Our lives are stories, after all!


And speaking of my world, here’s a Hugh update! (To recap, Hugh is my first baby, born on 14 July, and the new love of my life – and the reason why my blogging and reading has been rather sporadic lately.)

The photos above were taken when he was six weeks old. He’s two months old now (or nine weeks), and weighs 6.27kg and is 60cm tall/long – I know because I just took him to the doctor today for his first round of vaccinations. He’s really coming into his own personality and has a cheeky little grin where he tucks his chin down and grins up at you with his big blue eyes 🙂 .

He lets me sleep quite well at night, but is very alert and a bit fussy during the day. My only chance to read is while breastfeeding, which I can manage to do one-handed. Still, it’s hard to read heavy hardcovers that way!

20 comments to Introductions

  • Tell me your not reading “Erotic stories of female submission” (see last post) while breastfeeding little Hughie! Just seems WRONG. 🙂

    P.S. You coming this month?


    Shannon Reply:

    @Chris, Ha ha!! No, I read it before he was born – I’m just really behind in reviews! (It was weird enough reading it when heavily pregnant, though!)

    Not this month no – I did respond to Kate’s FB invite. Hoping to make it to October’s though. At least, I’ve ordered Aesop’s Fables, that is what we’re reading right? Need to give myself plenty of time 🙂


  • Hugh is a adorable. Congratulations!

    I recently changed my profile to reflect the fact I’m almost done with library school. Please come and read my new introduction.


    Shannon Reply:

    @Pussreboots, Thanks Sarah!

    I would have loved to be a librarian – at least, in my imagination anyway. Quite possibly the reality is a lot more administrative and computer-based than my romantic fantasy of working with books… 😉


  • Aww Hugh is adorable!! Vaccination time eh? I hope he’s the type of baby who takes the shots without a peep!(I volunteer at a toddler and infant vaccination clinic, and it seems like there’s 2 types: the kind who cry up a storm and completely focuses on their pain, and the kind who is easily distracted and completely forgets about their shots right after it happened haha).

    Hmm I think my profile is pretty boring haha, but I really don’t know how to spice it up. I don’t really know what kind of information people want when they read profiles, so I just put up pretty standard stuff, heh.


    Shannon Reply:

    @Jinny (, Is there such a baby? 😉 He was really brave and did well until the last needle, and then he let out this incredible high-pitched scream the like of which I’d never heard before. Poor boy. But he’s quite easy to soothe and after a minute of cuddling and talking to him he stopped crying, and there’s always that tried-and-true thing that makes everything all right again: booby!! Guaranteed to make everything better 😀 (so does that make him the second kind of baby?)

    I’ve no idea what people want either! I figure, just say what you’re comfortable with and leave it at that 🙂


  • Ahhhh how did I miss this post? Stupid google reader does not update me on your blog! He is sooo cute Shannon! Growing well 😀


    Shannon Reply:

    @Bree, I’ve learnt not to rely on Reader, it only picks a few blogs randomly it seems.

    How are you doing Bree? I’m amazed at how much you read and review on top of raising your son and the new pregnancy, I don’t know how you do it! (seriously, how do you do it?!)


    Bree Reply:

    @Shannon, Lol funnily enough I just got the email that you replied to this….I’m sitting at home at 4.43am because I was discharged from hospital nearly 2hrs ago after giving birth to baby #2 7hrs ago! 3 hour labour…not sure I recommend it actually! It was super intense.

    I think it’s easier to keep up the blog with an active toddler who likes to play with their toys, watch their tv shows, etc….ask me in a few months how I’m going with a toddler AND a newborn!


    Shannon Reply:

    @Bree, WOW congatulations Bree!! Fantastic news! I can only imagine about the labour – I found my four-day one bad enough!! Are you on Facebook? Sorry, daggy question I only ask cause it’s a good place to see photos! 🙂


  • Look at those beautiful eyes. He’s gorgeous, Shannon.


    Shannon Reply:

    @Lucybird, Thanks Lucy! 🙂 I am rather partial to him myself 😉


  • Hugh is a cutiepie! Ah, I think I am going to go crazy waiting to meet my little one in February.

    I went through my about page recently too and apart from removing the photo I had of myself up there (I figured it might be better for privacy reasons just in case), I left it as it was too. It’s so long I doubt anyone reads the whole thing, but I like it 🙂


    Shannon Reply:

    @Becky (Page Turners), Gosh and it’s going to be so hot for you! Hugh was born mid-July at the beginning of a heat wave, but was really hot even before that too. Makes it hard. I hope you have air conditioning (or a really well designed house!)

    Mine’s long too, I doubt people bother to read it!


  • Aww! He is adorable. You’ve got to love that very serious expression in the bottom left picture. I bet he’s going to master the eyebrow arch early in life and use it to great effect. 🙂

    And can I just say: The amount of content you’ve put up with a little one amazes me. (And I’m glad for it, too, because I love reading new posts from you.)


    Shannon Reply:

    @Chelle, Oh that’d be cool – I’ve never been able to do the single brow lift and neither does Adam. But hey, if you can, it’s very charismatic! 😉

    It’s a struggle Chelle, I can’t deny it. I still have a backlog of reviews though it’s not too bad as I haven’t been able to read as much – that’s picking up again though, as the craziness dies down somewhat 🙂 He sleeps well at night but is a demanding little boy during the day!


  • aawwwwwwwwwww! GORGEOUS 🙂


    Shannon Reply:

    @Rachel (And the plot thickens),



  • Gorgeous photos! Make the most of reading whilst breastfeeding as you don’t get much reading done once they’re weaned 😉


    Shannon Reply:

    @Jackie (Farm Lane Books), You sound like you speak from experience Jackie! Ta for the heads-up 😉


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