Armchair BEA Giveaway Winners!

During Armchair BEA last week, I hosted a giveaway for two books: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams and The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope by Rhonda Riley. Today, with the help of I’m announcing the winners!

Taking Chances Winner:

Tabitha of Tabitha’s Book Blog!!

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope Winner:

Tallulah […]

Armchair BEA - Day 6: Sunday Wrap-Up


On this final day, we encourage you to wrap-up the week with your favorites and highlights of the week. Did you learn something new? Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger? What was your favorite discussion topic? Do you have ideas for future years? You can write your own blog post and link […]

Armchair BEA - Day 5: Children's & Young Adult Literature

Children’s/Young Adult Literature

Our final genre focuses on the younger crowd: children’s picture books and young adult literature and everything in between. What are the top 5 (or more) books that every child should have on his shelf? If you are an adult who reads YA, why do you keep going back for more? […]

Armchair BEA - Day 4: Ethics & Non-Fiction


We get back into discussions on Friday with the heavy topic of ethics. Do you have recommendations to new bloggers to ensure credit is given to whom/where credit is due? Have you had an experience with plagiarism? How did you deal with it? What are the guidelines as bloggers that we must follow?


Armchair BEA - Day 3: Giveaway & Literature That Rocked My World


We take a break from official discussions on Thursday to allow participants to hop around the web and enter blogger-hosted giveaways!

Because we are busy planning our big move from Canada back to Australia, which isn’t cheap, I am having to reign in my book buying habit and my giveaways, which I enjoy […]

Armchair BEA - Day 2: Genre Fiction

Genre Fiction

What draws you to a specific genre? Do vampires, zombies, or witches float your boat? Or, do you prefer the heat of romance? Recommend your favorite genres and/or books and help build reader TBR shelves a bit more!

I’m all about the genres! I grew up on a hefty dose of Fantasy […]

Armchair BEA - Day 2: Blogger Development

Blogger Development

Day 2 we talk about how we develop ourselves as bloggers. Have you branched out into your community? Do you partner with other bloggers? Have you gone “pro” or begun supplementing your income through your blog? Are you a long-term blogger, and how has your online personality developed over the years? These […]

Armchair BEA - Day 1: Classics

Armchair BEA Discussion: Classics

Our first genre discussion will revolve around classic literature. Ideas for discussion include a list of your favorite classics, books you would recommend to a non-classic believer, or even what draws you to keep reading those classics over and over again!

One of the first books I ever fell in […]