Review: The House of New Beginnings

The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond Macmillan 2017 Large paperback 471 pages Fiction

In a large, elegant yet imposing Victorian house in the seaside town of Brighton, England, several women live in hiding: hiding from the pain of the past, from people, from life, from the truth of their lives. Recent arrivals, […]

Review: Moon Chosen

Moon Chosen by PC Cast Tales of a New World #1 Pan 2016 Trade Paperback 597 pages Fantasy

In PC Cast’s new fantasy series, climate change and polluting industries have devastated what we know of our world. The survivors have fled to new environs, living off the land in more harmonious methods. Those who […]

Review: To Be a Child

To Be a Child by Debra Schoenberger Blurb 2015 E-book 244 pages Non-fiction: Photography

Publisher’s summary: Give a child a cardboard box and his imagination will turn it into anything but! Today, it is less common to see children playing in the streets, especially in urban areas. The plethora of ready-made toys should make […]

Review: Who's Afraid?

Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewis Piatkus/Hachette 2016 ARC (print manuscript) 340 pages Urban Fantasy

Maria Lewis’s debut novel is a smoothly-paced, exciting and refreshing urban fantasy with more emphasis on a coming-of-age journey than the usual crime-mystery sleuthing prevalent in the genre. The story introduces blue-haired, fun-loving, smart-mouthed Tommi Grayson, born in Scotland after […]

Review: The Antigone Poems

The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight Artwork by Terrence Tasker Altaire 2014 Trade Paperback with Flaps 104 pages Poetry

This collection of poems, inspired by Sophocles’ class Greek Tragedy, Antigone, was written by Marie Slaight between the years 1972 and 1981; the artwork by Terrence Tasker was created between 1974 and 1979. Both were […]

Review: Ours is the Storm

Ours is the Storm by D Thourson Palmer Boyle & Dalton 2014 Trade Paperback 344 pages Fantasy

In our (predominantely) white, Western, ex-British world, we are still hung up on our colonial roots and a deep sense of shame and guilt – no one really talks of it in that way but it’s there, […]

Review: The Heroes' Welcome

The Heroes’ Welcome by Louisa Young Sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You Harper Perennial 2015 (2014) ARC (paperback) 260 pages Historical Fiction

1919. The Great War may be over, but those who survived are left to put the shattered pieces of themselves and their families back together, alone and unacknowledged. Twenty-three […]

Review: Winter Be My Shield

Winter Be My Shield by Jo Spurrier Children of the Black Sun #1 HarperVoyager 2012 Trade Paperback 457 pages Fantasy

In the kingdom of Ricalan, winter is a formidable force for many months of the year, as well as a useful ally in this time of invasion and attack. It’s not only the settlers […]