Review: Red Rising

Red Rising by Pierce Brown Red Rising Saga #1 Hodder 2014 Paperback 382 pages Science Fiction; Speculative Fiction; Dystopian Fiction

I’ve barely started and I’m already finding this review hard to write – not for the usual reasons, though. It’s hard because all I really want to be doing right now is reading the […]

Review Catch-up #2 - Speculative Fiction

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie Imperial Radch #1 Orbit 2013 Trade Paperback 384 pages Science Fiction; Space Opera; Science Fantasy

The last book I read in 2016 was easily one of the best. I had read a short review of this trilogy in the Review section of the Weekend Australian (the Review section is […]

Review: The Natural Way of Things

The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood Allen & Unwin 2015 Trade Paperback with Flaps 313 pages Speculative Fiction

Charlotte Wood’s fifth novel is a disturbing yet beautiful and thought-provoking exploration into the misogyny lurking beneath Australia’s good-natured, laid-back, egalitarian image. It is inspired, in part, by the Hay Institution for Girls, “an […]

Review: The Registry

The Registry by Shannon Stoker Registry #1 William Morrow 2013 Trade Paperback 321 pages Dystopian Fiction; YA Dystopian Fiction; Speculative Fiction

Sometime in the future, Amelia Morrissey is preparing for her upcoming eighteenth birthday: a birthday that will mark the beginning of womanhood for Mia, the start of twelve months on the Registry. Mia […]

Review: When She Woke

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan Harper 2012 (2011) Trade Paperback 341 pages Fiction; Speculative Fiction; Dystopian Fiction

“When she woke, she was red. Not flushed, not sunburned, but the solid, declarative red of a stop sign.”

So begins When She Woke, the gripping near-future story of Hannah Payne who pays for her crime […]

Review: Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro Vintage 2006 Trade Paperback 247 pages Fiction; Dystopian Fiction; Alternate History

I would never have read this book based on the blurb, which actually tells you very little or, rather, implies that it is quite a different kind of book. I won’t even give it a sub-genre because […]