Reviews: Adult & Young Adult Fantasy

When stressed, I tend to gravitate towards popular fiction – literary and non-fiction books become too much like work, as they do the opposite of helping me switch my brain off: they make me think too much. They make me think too much about work, especially. Not at all restful, and it’s been a hellish […]

Review Catch-up #2 - Speculative Fiction

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie Imperial Radch #1 Orbit 2013 Trade Paperback 384 pages Science Fiction; Space Opera; Science Fantasy

The last book I read in 2016 was easily one of the best. I had read a short review of this trilogy in the Review section of the Weekend Australian (the Review section is […]

Review: The Red Queen

The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody The Obernewtyn Chronicles #7 Penguin/Viking 2015 Large Format Paperback 1108 pages Fantasy; Post-Apocalyptic Speculative Fiction

Well, it’s done. It’s over. Finito. I think, after all this time, there was a part of me that never expected this series to actually end, and a part of me is in […]

Review: Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor Daughter of Smoke & Bone #3 Little, Brown and Company 2014 Hardback 613 pages YA Fantasy

Oh Laini Taylor, who do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. Unbelievably fantastic fantasy world-building (not to mention a globe-trotting Earth-bound setting! Can I get a shout […]

Review: Dark Horizons

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons by Jenny T Colgan BBC Books 2013 (2012) Trade Paperback 307 pages Science Fiction; Time Travel

Based on the character of the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith, Jenny T Colgan has brought the Time Lord to life in this well-written, authentic and tightly-paced historical science fiction story.

On […]

Review: New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear Far Territories 2007 Trade Paperback 267 pages Fantasy; Alternate History; Paranormal; Mystery

This post first appeared on Jawas Read, Too! as part of Erika’s Book Uno challenge on January 27, 2011.

I was completely fan-girly excited when Erika challenged me to a game of Book Uno on Jawas Read, Too! […]

Review: Discord's Apple

Discord’s Apple by Carrie Vaughn Tor 2010 Hardcover 299 pages Fantasy; Apocalyptic Fiction

This is my first time reading one of Carrie Vaughn’s books, and it wasn’t a bad start either. It wasn’t what I expected, but then, I didn’t know what to expect so I was bound to be surprised.

Evie Walker leaves the […]

Review: Farthing

Farthing by Jo Walton Small Change #1 Tor 2006 Mass Market Paperback 319 pages Fantasy; Alternative History; Speculative Fiction; Crime

On the back cover is a wonderfully written blurb/review from Publishers Weekly – I wish I could write like this! So succinct!

“World Fantasy Award-winner Jo Walton (Tooth and Claw) crosses genres without missing a […]