Reviews: Adult & Young Adult Fantasy

When stressed, I tend to gravitate towards popular fiction – literary and non-fiction books become too much like work, as they do the opposite of helping me switch my brain off: they make me think too much. They make me think too much about work, especially. Not at all restful, and it’s been a hellish […]

Books in Discussion - Round 2

I have a couple of spare hours and will endeavour to cover more of my backlog: books read over the past twelve months that I never had time to review. It’ll be so nice to clear away another pile of books off my desk!

The Tribe trilogy has to be one of the best Young […]

Review: The Red Queen

The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody The Obernewtyn Chronicles #7 Penguin/Viking 2015 Large Format Paperback 1108 pages Fantasy; Post-Apocalyptic Speculative Fiction

Well, it’s done. It’s over. Finito. I think, after all this time, there was a part of me that never expected this series to actually end, and a part of me is in […]

Mini-Reviews: Australian Women Writers

Each of these books deserves a proper, full review, but since they cover a long time period – the first one I read back in March – my memory of each is just not strong or clear enough to do so. So, apologies all ’round. I’m grouping them together for reviewing purposes based on the […]

Mini-Reviews: Recent-ish Reads

While I haven’t been able to read much this year, I’ve had even less time to post reviews of what I’ve read. Here are some mini-reviews, so I can finally re-shelve some books!

Worldshaker by Richard Harland Allen & Unwin 2009 Trade Paperback 366 pages YA Speculative Fiction; Post-Apocalyptic Fiction; Alternate History; Dystopian Fiction; Steampunk […]

Review: Of Beast and Beauty

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay Delacorte Press 2013 Hardback 389 pages YA Speculative Fiction

This standalone Fantasy/Science Fiction/Romance story takes place on another world that, several centuries before this particular story takes place, was colonised by an alien race of humanoids. Upon landing, as we learn in the fable-like prologue, the people […]

Review: Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean edited by Kirsty Murray, Payal Dhar & Anita Roy Allen & Unwin 2015 Trade Paperback 200 pages Short Story Anthology; Fantasy; Dystopian; Post-apocalyptic; Speculative Fiction; Young Adult

The best speculative fiction – if not, by its very nature, all speculative fiction – explores issues of social justice and […]

Review: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina The Tribe #1 Walker Books 2012 Trade Paperback 395 pages YA Fantasy; Dystopian Fiction; Speculative Fiction

If, like me, you have a childhood steeped in fantasy and folklore; a love of the natural world and a soul-deep recognition of its greater importance in the scheme of […]