Review: Staunch

Staunch: Ward of the State by Ginger Briggs Affirm Press 2012 Trade Paperback 295 pages Fiction

In 1984, when he was twelve years old, Andy was sent to Wakma Reception Centre in Ballarat because Wakma Reception Centre was the type of place kids like Andy got sent. It was the place you went if […]

Hugh's Library: Welcome Home

Welcome Home by Christina Booth Ford Street Publishing 2013 Hardback 32 pages Picture Book

During the early years of colonisation in Australia, the captains of convict ships as well as whaling boats were encouraged to kill whales – especially the “right whale”, so called because they were considered the “right” whale to hunt. The […]

Review: A Fortune for the Brave

A Fortune for the Brave by Nan Chauncy Illustrated by Margaret Horder Oxford University Press 1954 Hardback 198 pages Classics; Children’s/YA Fiction; Adventure

On the east coast of Tasmania where the world’s sunshine is doled out in full measure, there stands a gaunt, solid house of stone. Pine trees protect it on three sides […]

Review: Outback Dreams

Outback Dreams by Rachael Johns Bunyip Bay #1 Harlequin Mira 2013 Large Format Paperback 347 pages Romance

Faith Forrester and Daniel Montgomery have been best friends for ever. Their family’s farms at Bunyip Bay in Western Australia were next to each other, and until the day Monty’s parents sold theirs and moved to Perth, […]

Review: Barracuda

Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas Allen & Unwin 2013 Trade Paperback 513 pages Fiction

In 1994, thirteen-year-old Daniel Kelly begins his first year at one of the swankiest boy’s private schools in Victoria – a place he and his best friend, Demet, nickname Cunts College. His mother’s a hairdresser and his dad’s a long-distance truck […]

Review: Awakening the Warriors

Awakening the Warriors by SE Gilchrist Legends of the Seven Galaxies #1.5 Escape Publishing 2013 E-galley 54 pages Sci-Fi Erotic Romance; Novella

It’s the year 6036, and thirty-three year old Fran is regretting leaving her comfortable, if dull, life in Adelaide for a colonising expedition in space. Her ship has been captured, she’s separated […]

Review: The Bark Cutters

The Bark Cutters by Nicole Alexander Gordon #1 Bantam 2011 (2010) Trade Paperback 480 pages Fiction; Historical Fiction

Sarah Gordon grew up a farm girl. Life on Wangallon Homestead, her family’s sheep and cattle station in north-west NSW, is one of hard work, dust and, sometimes, death, but growing up in the 80s, Sarah […]

Review: Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires by Poppy Gee Headline Review 2013 Trade Paperback 380 pages Fiction; Mystery

Sarah Avery has returned home to Tasmania in secret, silent disgrace. She’s broken up with her boyfriend and quit her job at a fish farm in Queensland, and is back in time for Christmas. Her family has a beach […]