Stephen Fry on the Topic of Evolving Language

I recently learned about Kinetic Typography at a Professional Learning workshop and, aside from anything else, loved Stephen Fry’s “rant” on pedants and the evolving English language. Reminds me that Shakespeare invented (read: made up) over a thousand words which we now consider very much part of the English language. (Kinetic Typography is a software […]

Dr Johnson's obscure words

I love watching QI, it’s so fascinating and funny and you learn all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Last night’s episode was no exception, and when they got talking about Dr Johnson’s dictionary, the obscure words that are no longer in use, and what Stephen Fry called his “lazy” definitions for things, I just […]

Movie Release: Tim Winton's The Turning

Tim Winton’s 2004 collection of short stories, The Turning, has been made into a film by Madman Films. The cast is huge, because they’re “shorts”: Rose Byrne, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh, David Wenham, Callan Mulvey, Myles Pollard, Susie Porter, Dan Wyllie, Mirrah Foulkes and lots more.

I haven’t yet read […]

June = South Korea

Wow, we’re pretty much at the half-way mark! How’s everyone doing? Pacing yourself or going full steam ahead? To recap: so far we’ve visited France, Sudan, Wales, the South Pacific Islands and, in May, Belgium. Now it’s time to head over to Asia where we’re spending the month of June in South Korea!


Bookish Linkage

Isobelle Carmody — yes, my favourite author, her — has launched “The Great eBook Debate” on the Greylands website (one of her children’s books). The first blog post is on the facts, figures, do’s and don’t’s of self-publishing. Very interesting stuff, especially if you’re thinking of doing that. Check out that and more guest […]

For the Word Nerds…

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately: I have family visiting from Australia (one of my sisters and my parents), and this is the first time they’ve met Hugh. We’ve been busy, and it’s going to get even busier. I’m what, three book reviews behind and have a long Shelves are Groaning post that I’m […]

The Miles Franklin Award - 2012 Longlist

The Miles Franklin Award’s longlist for 2012 was announced recently, and here are the contenders for Australia’s most prestigious literary award (the images are links to The Book Depository):

KATE GRENVILLE Sarah Thornhill Historical Fiction

From the synopsis: Sarah is the daughter of ex-convict William Thornhill, and lives with her family on the banks […]

On Writing "Reviews", or whatever you want to call them

Less than three months into the year, the book blogging and reviewing community has already seen the latest upset – which is really a kind of “re-upset”, since these happen every year it seems.

I had originally written this really long, impassioned post about my thoughts on the matter, but once I got the […]