2014: The Year in Review and My Top Ten

Books Read in 2014: 71 — including:

Books by Female Authors: 55 Books by Male Authors: 15 Adult Books: 50 (all genres) Children’s/YA Novels: 13 Picture Books (new/own): 8 Non-Fiction: 3 Memoirs: 1 Plays: 1 (but 2 different editions) Fantasy: 10 Science Fiction: 3 Speculative/Magical Realism: 5 Romance: 11 Classics: 1 Historical Fiction: 10

Total […]

Monthly Recap: August & September

I’m a bit behind with regular posting, as you can see, so am unashamedly combining two months here. (Same applies for the Around the World in 12 Books Challenge – round-up post coming soon I promise.) Very quiet couple of months, blogging-wise, but I got some big books read and THREE non-fiction books! Phew. The […]

Monthly Recap = June

I started plenty of books in June, but didn’t get much actual reading of my own done (read plenty, just not things I can put here!). June was an abysmal month for finishing books and reviewing/blogging; I made no dent in my list of books I still have to review (which dates back to February, […]

Monthly Recap = April & May

I could have sworn I did a Monthly Recap post for April, and only just now discovered that all I really have is a saved draft of my template, not even filled in! Ugh. So I’m combining April and May this time, which should also make my reading tallies look a bit less pitiful. Work […]

Monthly Recap: March

In March I started my new teaching job, and as I expected, my time for reading, reviewing and other fun things dropped off dramatically. Here’s how the month played out:

Books Read This Year (by End of Month): 25 Books Read in March: 4 — including:

Adult Novels: 3 Children’s/YA Novels: 1 Picture Books (new): […]

Around the World in 12 Books Challenge - February Round-up

Month the 2nd of 2014’s Around the World reading challenge has been an awesome one for this challenge! I’m so impressed – puts me to shame, as I failed to read any books for any challenges in February!

Participants covered all continents, yet again – including Antarctica! – and reviewed 4 books from […]

Monthly Recap: February

Ah, February, the weakest month for me in terms of reading and reviewing – at least, this is the second year in a row where I have little to show for February. I do have good reasons, though; it’s not laziness! But let’s see the stats for the month:

Books Read This Year (by End […]

Monthly Recap: January

Books Read This Year (by End of Month): 15 Books Read in January: 15

Adult Novels: 8 Children’s & YA Novels: 5 Picture Books (new): 2 Non-Fiction: 0

Total Books Added to My Library in January: 34

Review Copies Received (print): 2 Books Won: 0 Kindle E-books: 2 E-books From Netgalley: 6

Favourite Book Read […]